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We Strive To Bring The Best Quality and Freshest Meat To Malaysian Eateries

Cob Rollers was established in 2021 when the two partners came together to solve a gap in the premium pork market of Malaysia. If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that Covid has made known the pain points when it comes to the importing of goods and it’s supply chains.

At Cob Rollers, we believe that these imported products can be cultivated locally to the same - if not better- standards as this will put Malaysia on the map for self-sustenance. Our mission is to bring the best quality and freshest meat to Malaysian eateries as we try to combat the importation of these items.

We are also proud to have partnered with farmers all over the country to breed and culture these premium pork species that are largely sought after in Malaysia.

We are looking to expand our portfolio aggressively in the coming months to better serve our customers.

For more info, please contact : info@cobrollers.com

Cob Rollers

We strive to bring the best quality and freshest meat